For Parents or Significant Adults
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Adolescents and Young Adults
Linda Cherney, MS, LMFT

Johnna Pilipchuk, MA, LPA
Parenting in the teen years is one of the most challenging (and potentially
rewarding, believe it or not!) things we do.  It is especially difficult and heart –
wrenching when young people handle their emotional highs/lows in
dangerous and self-defeating ways.  Often we have been committed to
parenting in somewhat different ways than we were parented .  What might
have worked when children are younger, no longer does the trick.  Often we
find ourselves doing and/or saying just what we vowed NEVER to do in
reaction to teen behaviors we had never imagined.  

DBT will help your teen to regulate escalating emotions and behave in
effective ways that build competence and confidence.  Most parents take the
class with their teen thinking that they will be helping their teen learn skills.  
Surprisingly, we often hear how glad parents are to learn skills themselves
and many say they wish they had these skills when they were growing up.  It
can be difficult (but also a relief!) to let yourself be “a class member”and  
trust the evidenced-based approach by watching your often resistant teen
One parent's reflection on the class . . .

"Coming into DBT I was probably like most parents, not sure what it was
about, thinking that I was doing this for my child to help them. Over the
course I realized it was just as much about me, how I managed (or did
not)manage the challenges and relationship with my child. I feel DBT has
helped me to communicate in a more effective way with my child and also
with other adults. It has allowed me to manage my stress much better, to
"accept" the challenges that I still face with my child and I have much more
inner peace. Teenage years can be daunting, but DBT has given me tools to
better cope with these times and I feel has brought me closer to my child.  If
you have a teenager- you need DBT!"
               (Parent I. S.)